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Your domestic help :

Her name is AMY and her motto is: “with pleasure”. You will be conquered by her charm and gentleness.

Amy will look after you every day of the week from 9am to 16.30pm, except on Sundays. She will take care of your meals, the household, your linen and the shopping to be done. You can trust her with your shopping without fear, she is really a reliable person. She will also be there to advise you and at your request will accompany you on your excursions.

Let her haggle for you, she is pitiless with the vendors and you will always have the best prices. The presence of Amy during the stay is not an option but you won't regret it in any case. The price of her services is €40 per week. If you need additional assistance, Amy has a few sisters able to help out, and who can baby-sit.

Amy's husband is called Tairou. You can ask him many things. Like Amy, he knows everyone in Nianing and can help you to find solutions if ever you would need assistance of a more technical nature (you have a flat tyre and you need someone to repair it for you. He will find that someone. You need a taxi or a guide. He'll find it, etc etc…).


Your gardener and swimming pool man

is called Abdoulaye, present almost every morning, he will be very discreet whilst maintaining and watering the garden. He will spoil you with beautiful bunches of flowers. He never refuses a small service.

Don't worry about the maintenance of the swimming pool, Abdoulaye will take care of it for you, generally very early in the morning so as not to disturb you during your holidays.


Nb: Our friends will look after you very well and we hope that you will return the favour. Amy is entitled to her meal with drinks and Abdoulaye likes his little coffee in the morning.

Do not forget: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, a German writer and erudite said:

“You want to live happy? Travel with two bags, one to give, the other to receive“