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The transfer from the airport to Nianing

If you are used to it, and you know how it works in Dakar, you can decide to do the transfer yourself. If it is the first time for you, we advise you to organise your transfer in advance. We can organise it for you. We welcome you at the airport and bring you back in a taxi with fresh drinks. It costs around 35000 CFA (about 50€) per ride. At the villa, you will find your first meal and some drinks.

Caution at Dakar airport, you will be solicited for the carrying of your luggage, they lead you to the taxis but be careful: do not lose sight of them. This service is worth approximately 3000 CFA (€4,50) (do not give more).

Outside the airport you will be solicited again for changing currencies or phone cards, don't do anything, as there are lots of swindlers! Only the luggage carriers are official. They all wear the same colour overalls.

Return: be equally careful, you will be heavily solicited, don't be had, they're very clever.

Luckely it is not like that in the rest of Senegal. In general, the population is very friendly, charming and honest.

Transport on the spot:

  • Either the taxi: Amy can phone to order you a taxi; example of price range: Nianing to Mbour costs 6000cfa max.
  • Or car rental: at the residence, run by Madeleine at the entry (close to the municipal swimming pool), car ready to go, insured. Price: more or less 10000 cfa (15€) a day or
  • Belonging to a local person, in which case we advise you to check out the state, all the papers and especially the insurance of the car.
  • In order to go to the beach, the residence can furnish you with 2 barouches with driver. It only takes 5 minutes.
  • If you are fond of sports, you can use the 2 mountain bikes available at the villa